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 In today’s political celebrity news: while Mitt Romney cancelled a planned appearance on The View, a show he previously described as "high-risk because of the five women on it, only one isconservative, and four are sharp-tongued and not conservative", the ladies of Hollywood have been busy making endorsement videos for Barack Obama.


  It’s good for us to remember that actors are people too. And if they care about our country enough to call hair and makeup and recite a few lines in front of a camera, we say go for it, good citizens of Los Angeles.


  VOTE! That’s what Kerry Washington, Eva Longoria and Scarlett Johansson tell us. The gist of it is that Mitt Romney is no friend to women. It’s a simple spot: 30 seconds, no music, white background, and any directing advice seems to have been limited to "be yourself". For Kerry Washington that means coming across as Olivia Pope in Scandal as she says: "He said he’doverturn Roe v Wade," as if she’s talking to the president himself. Scarlett Johansson does natural by wearing jeans and a plaid shirt while Eva Longoria is dressed for the DesperateHousewives reunion.


  This is the awards-show video. Theme of President Obama being the only choice for us, he loves women, he’s the man. Lots of stars, sappy music, soft focus, and clever production tricks done on someone’s Mac. Olivia Wilde, Julianna Margulies, Julianne Moore, J Lo, Gloria Steinem (just to prove we mean business), Beyoncé – yes, Beyoncé. And Padma Lakshmi. Jane Lynch is in there. Everyone wearing just enough makeup to look natural in high def. Enough sincerity to make your laptop explode.

  这是获奖视频。主题是美国总统奥巴马是我们唯一的选择,他爱女人,他是男人。很多明星、缠绵音乐、温柔的聚焦、巧妙的制作技巧呈现在某人的苹果电脑上。奥利维亚•王尔德、朱丽安娜•玛格丽丝、朱丽安•摩尔、J罗、格洛丽亚•斯泰纳姆(只是为了证明我们是认真的),碧昂丝 - 是的,碧昂丝以及帕德玛•拉克希米、简•林奇就在那里。每个人的妆容恰到好处看起来自然高贵。足够的诚意,让你的笔记本爆炸。

  Ohio is a swing state and Natalie’s mom grew up in Cincinnati. Her grandma still lives there, which means you should vote for Obama. I liked this video because it had nice shots of Portman backstage and onstage speaking at pro-Obama events. So it felt "real". Also short.


  "Black people... went still every year back again and again to try to vote," says Maya Angelou. "Imagine one vote – your vote might make the difference. Don’t hesitate, don’t sit on the sidelines and don’t regret." OK Angelou is not an actress, but she is the coolest.

  “黑人...仍然每年都回来一次又一次地试图投票,”玛雅•安吉罗说。 “想象一下一张选票 – 你投的一票可能造就差异。不要犹豫,不要坐在场边,不要后悔。”OK安吉罗不是一个演员,但她是最酷的。

  No, YOU are a powerful force, Alicia. She is friendly and relaxed to the voters she meets and everywhere she is surrounded by fans. Not sure if this is a Barack Obama or an Alicia Keys promo, but who cares? "He definitely gets it," she said.

  不,你是一个强大的力量,艾莉西亚。她对遇到的选民友好和放松,无论走到哪里都会被粉丝包围。不确定这是奥巴马还是艾莉西亚•凯斯的宣传活动,但谁在乎呢? “他肯定会成功,”她说





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