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Apple has said its new iphone 5 sold faster initially than any other iPhone but sales have fallen short of some analysts’ expectations due in part to supply shortages.

  苹果公司(Apple)说,其iPhone 5手机在上市初期的销售速度比其他型号iPhone手机刚推向市场时的销售速度都快,但这款手机目前的销售已经低于一些分析师的预期,这一定程度上是供货短缺造成的。

  So what’s causing the supply shortage? Here is Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. ’s take. The company, based in Taiwan with factories across China, uses the trade name Foxconn Technology Group , and assembles many Apple products including the new iPhone.

  既然如此,是什么原因导致了iPhone 5的供货短缺呢?鸿海精密(Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.)是这样认为的。这家总部位于台湾的公司在中国大陆各地都有工厂,它对外常使用富士康(Foxconn Technology Group)这个名字,包括新款iPhone手机在内的许多苹果公司产品都是由它负责组装的。

  ’The iPhone 5 is the most difficult device that Foxconn has ever assembled. To make it light and thin, the design is very complicated,’ said an official at the company who declined to be named. ’It takes time to learn how to make this new device. Practice makes perfect. Our productivity has been improving day by day.’

  鸿海精密一位拒绝透露姓名的管理人士说,iPhone 5是富士康组装过的最复杂手机;为了将产品做到轻薄,iPhone 5的设计非常复杂。他说,学会生产这款新手机需要时间;熟能生巧,我们的生产率每天都在提高。

  The executive said Hon Hai has taken steps to improve its productivity and address scratches on the metal casings of some new iPhones that were shipped. Hon Hai has recently implemented a new quality check procedure to reduce the chance of damages. But he noted the iPhone 5 uses a new coating material that makes it more susceptible to scratching.

  这位管理人士说,鸿海精密已在采取措施提高生产率,并在着手解决出现在一些已发货新iPhone手机金属壳上的刮痕问题。鸿海精密最近引入了一个新的质量检查程序,以降低产品受损的几率。但这位管理人士也指出,iPhone 5使用了一种新的涂层材料,这使它更容易被留下刮痕。

  ’It’s always hard to satisfy both aesthetic needs and practical needs,’ said the executive.


  The recent spate of labor strife at the Taiwanese contract maker has raised concerns over whether Apple will be able to keep up with strong demand for the new smartphone. Hon Hai said earlier this month that two disputes between employees occurred at its manufacturing plant in Zhengzhou in China’s central Henan province, with neither incident leading to work stoppages. Hon Hai said it has addressed the disputes, which took place earlier this month amid a weeklong holiday commemorating China’s National Day. The company said the incidents involved a small group of production-line workers and quality-check personnel.

  台湾这家产品代工企业最近发生的劳工纠纷令人不禁担心,iPhone 5的供货速度是否能跟得上市场对这一新款智能手机的强劲需求。鸿海精密本月早些时候说,其在河南郑州一家制造工厂发生的两起员工间纠纷都没有导致生产停工。鸿海精密说,它已经解决了这些纠纷。这两起纠纷发生在本月早些时候为期一周的国庆长假期间。该公司说,纠纷事件涉及一小批生产线工人和质检人员。

  Hon Hai currently assembles the iPhone 5 for Apple at its plants in Zhengzhou, central China, and in Guan Lan, in southern China.

  鸿海精密目前在该公司位于华中城市郑州以及华南观澜的工厂为苹果公司组装iPhone 5。

  He admitted that the conflict between assembly line workers and quality inspectors at its Zhengzhou site last month was partly due to the metal casing and other ’quality issues,’ but he didn’t elaborate.


  ’The Zhengzhou site, which was set up in 2011, is still pretty new to us. We are still learning how to manage the work force there,’ said the executive.


  Since the Zhenghou site is a major production facility for the iPhone 5, Hon Hai has continued to increase hiring in Zhengzhou to boost its production capacity for Apple products and other customers, said the executive.

  该管理人士说,由于郑州工厂是iPhone 5的主要生产设施,鸿海精密继续在郑州增雇人手,以提高公司为苹果和其他客户代工生产产品的能力。





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