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  Wall Street has undergone a radical face lift this year, but finance industry recruiters are expected to stick to roughly the same formula when looking to fill entry-level positions with college graduates in the future.
  Wealth management, investment banking and research are expected to see a hiring surge in the coming years, according to Joseph Logan, founder and managing director of Pinnacle Group International, a New York executive recruiting firm specializing in the financial services industry.
  Pinnacle Group International的创始人兼董事总经理约瑟夫•洛根(Joseph Logan)表示,财富管理、投资银行和研究领域有望在未来几年掀起招聘热潮。Pinnacle Group International是纽约一家专业服务于金融服务业的高管猎头公司。
   ’A strong background in accounting plus financial [knowledge in] evaluation is the key-and being well-rounded will help a lot,’ says David Smith, an associate professor at the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia who specializes in corporate finance and banking. Strong social skills and the ability to think creatively are important to round out more technical and quantitative talents.
  “会计和财务估值方面的过硬背景是应聘成功的关键,知识全面也会大有帮助,”弗吉尼亚大学(University of Virginia)麦金太尔商学院(McIntire School of Commerce)专门从事企业财务和银行业研究的副教授史密斯(David Smith)表示。出色的社交技能和创新思维能力对于那些偏重技术性和数理方面的人才来说是个重要的补充。 
  Mr. Smith, who helps prepare students for finance job interviews, advises the students who want to head to Wall Street to eschew finance fads like the current demand in restructuring or credit derivatives which were hot two years ago and focus on becoming fluent in accounting and financial evaluation fundamentals that are applicable to any specialty. As the economy recovers more traditional financial services functions, such as mergers and acquisitions advisory will make a comeback, according to Mr. Smith .
  Hard skills such as ’budgeting, forecasting, financial models and, for example, transaction-oriented proficiencies’ that point to a ’strong business acumen’ will be weighed in the recruitment process said Terri L. Gregos, director of college relations at Bank of New York Mellon, a global financial services firm.
  “能够表明应聘者拥有一个敏锐头脑的比如做预算、预测、金融模型和交易技巧”这样的专业技能将在招聘阶段得到考察,全球性的金融服务企业纽约银行(Bank of New York Mellon)大学关系部门的负责人格瑞高斯(Terri L. Gregos)表示。
   Other factors that make up the traditional formula include a high grade point average, sound quantitative skills-a desirable trait among engineering and mathematics majors-internship experience at a finance firm, and the ability to communicate effectively.
  What may be the biggest change on the hiring landscape is the cast of recruiters. Smaller boutique and advisory firms are likely to continue their growth spurt over the next few years to fill the space left behind by the contracting firms like Bank of America and Citigroup. The middle market investment bank Jefferies & Co., for example, is expanding at a rapid clip and Mr. Smith predicts it could become a big player in a few years. The bank has added almost 250 workers since the end of 2008, according to the firm’s third-quarter earnings report.
  在招聘方面的最大改变可能要算是雇主了。小型投行和咨询公司有可能在未来几年延续它们的飞速增长势头,以弥补诸如美国银行(Bank of America)和花旗(Citigroup)这样的公司留下的空白。举例来说,中间市场投资银行Jefferies & Co.正在迅速扩张,史密斯预计这家公司将在未来几年变得举足轻重。该公司第三季度的财报显示,Jefferies & Co.从2008年底开始已经增加了近250名员工。
  Since most of the small firms lack the infrastructure to train new hires as intensely as their larger rivals, finance or business majors could be more attractive than an English or history concentration, says Barbara Hewitt, senior associate director of the career services center of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
  由于大多数小公司缺少像大公司那样对新员工进行严格培训的组织结构,金融或商业专业的毕业生可能比英语或历史专业的毕业生更受青睐,宾夕法尼亚大学(University of Pennsylvania)沃顿商学院职业服务中心高级副主任休伊特(Barbara Hewitt)表示。
  Students at liberal arts schools that don’t offer intensive finance and accounting classes can develop a solid entry-level finance resume by enrolling in basic accounting and macro and micro economic courses. They can also bulk up on the more technical areas of finance by enrolling in summer classes at other institutions.
  Meanwhile, fields like risk management may be gaining traction on Wall Street today in the wake of the financial crisis. Ms. Hewitt says employers have also been posting more positions in risk management this year than before. And more than 23,000 of finance professionals have registered to take the financial risk management certification exam this year, a 70% increase compared to 2008, according to the Global Association of Risk Professionals, the organization that administers the exam.
  与此同时,在金融危机爆发后,像风险管理这样的领域或许正在华尔街日渐走红。休伊特说,今年各大公司在风险管理方面的招聘职位也多过往年。今年超过2.3万名金融专业人士注册参加金融风险管理资格证书考试,这个数字和2008年相比增加了70%,组织这项考试的全球风险管理专业人士协会(Global Association of Risk Professionals)表示。
  And while 2009 was a down year for wealth managers, many firms are now in growth mode in an attempt to regain assets that were lost during the recession. JPMorgan Chase & Co. plans to hire about 600 brokers for its retail brokerage unit Bear Stearns Private Client Services and will open three offices next year, according to statements by executives at the firm. Credit Suisse Group also announced plans to add approximately 200 wealth managers each year, boosting its number of relationship managers to 4,000 by the end of 2012 from the present 3,400.
  尽管2009年对于财富管理者们来说不是个好年头,但许多公司眼下仍正处在增长阶段。它们正在努力重新获得那些在经济衰退中失去的资产。摩根大通公司(JPMorgan Chase & Co.)计划为其零售经纪业务贝尔斯登私人客户服务(Bear Stearns Private Client Services)聘用大约600名经纪人,该公司明年还将开设三家办事处。瑞士信贷集团(Credit Suisse Group)也表示,计划每年增加约200名财富管理经理,这样一来,到2012年年底,该公司客户经理的人数将从目前的3,400人增加到4,000人。






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